Bespoke Services

If you have a special occasion that you wish to mark with a piece of jewellery, or simply desire something completely unique , we offer Bespoke Jewellery Service.

Bespoke creations are handmade and involve intricate craft utilising the most exquisite materials to make your dreams a reality.

Fovira is a unit of HS Jewellers, a jewellery house founded in 1935 and a name synonymous with couture, traditional, Contemporary & modern Jewellery across India. A tailor-made jewel from Foriva means top quality at the best possible price thanks to our advanced and integrated processes.

How it works:

Understanding your Requirements:

We will have a detailed discussion to understand your requirements and take necessary inputs from you regarding the design, measurements, budget etc. Based on your inputs our team will share a quotation. Foriva always offers the best possible price for high quality tailor made jewellery

3D Visualization:

Once you agree to our quotation and place your order, we will create a 3D model of your design, using CAD software. This 3D model demonstrates, as naturally as possible, how the jewel will look.

Handmade in India:

Our experienced artisans create your tailor-made jewel using traditional methods and only the finest materials. We strive for excellence in every design we deliver.

A timeless Piece:

The result, a magnificent and unique diamond jewel, handcrafted according to your personal wishes, following the highest quality standards.


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