Foriva Jewellery

Exquisitely Crafted. Beautifully Worn

We create jewellery that lasts forever. The brand is raised on a belief that jewellery is more than just pretty, shiny trinkets - it’s about showcasing your identity and strengthening your confidence. It’s about celebrating you – a celebration that should last forever.

The idea for Foriva began when we saw a huge popularity and demand for an urban contemporary jewellery for everyday wear, which was a challenge to find in the market. With an objective to make beautiful jewellery accessible, affordable and forever wearable we launched Foriva- an epitome of elegance and relaxed luxury. Our paramount mission revolves around crafting exquisite, timeless jewellery that transcends eras, not only adorning your appearance with beauty but also nurturing an inner sense of elegance and affection.

Foriva jewellery is handmade in India using exceptional diamonds and precious gemstones. Our artisans put a lot of time and effort to perfect every design and piece, hence what you receive is a result of pure love, care, and hard work.

Foriva is an extension of HS Jewellers- A jewellery manufacturing enterprise upholding a heritage of more than 85 years and synonymous with couture, traditional, Contemporary & modern Jewellery.

Our Promise

We started Foriva on three simple promises:


To provide utmost transparency to our customers regarding our
prices and policies

Exquisite Designs

To provide relentlessly modern exquisite designs available at affordable prices

Exceptional Quality

To provide exceptional Quality due to our ability to manufacture jewellery and procure diamonds and gemstones at source


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