Care Guide

Having the right pieces of jewellery can take your simple look to a gorgeous statement look. Whether you love a traditional or classic style, if you prefer rose gold or gold or perhaps even a combination of the two, never be afraid to try something new. Jewellery always lets you accessorise with confidence and express your style. Please follow the below mentioned jewellery care guide to keep your prized possessions always looking the same.

  1. Handle the jewellery with love. These handcrafted pieces of art are delicate and needs to be handled with care.
  2. Put on your jewellery after you have applied your cosmetics like cremes and perfumes.
  3. Clean your jewellery with warm water, gentle soap and a soft brush.
  4. Remove it when you go swimming or while doing household chores.
  5. Keep your jewellery in separate boxes to reduce the chances of scratches and tangles.
  6. Keep it away from moisture by storing it in a fabric-lined box.
  7. Wipe your pearl jewellery with a soft cloth before you store them after wearing, as even sweat can be damaging to pearls.
  8. Try to avoid contact with liquids, it is important to remove your jewellery while showering or working out
  9. Silver jewellery can be cleaned in a solution of mild soap and water, rinse it for 30 seconds and dry with a soft lint free cloth.


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